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Vintage Frogwoman Elise ! Vintage Frogwoman Elise !Video

Posted 21st February 2011.

Hello Everyone !
So sorry to go all quiet on you for a little while, we had a few tecky problems which meant we couldn't update for a few days but I am hoping that is all sorted now and so - lets get up and running with a super little video for all of you 'Rubber Dubbers' out there ! Yes, those of you who love 'Frogwomen' ! Here's one of our best divers, wearing her black Hydroglove vintage rubber dry suit, once more ! And because we know lots of you love it, she's also wearing her vintage Drager full face mask and inverted twin set (gosh are those heavy !) Oh, and she's also sporting a cute new little noseclip (well, it's quite a big one really, I guess ;-) It's our Fantastic Frogwoman Elise, of course !
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