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Your Vivacious Valentine Mermaid ! Your Vivacious Valentine Mermaid !Image Gallery

Posted 13th February 2011. 38 High Resolution Images.

Now, before you guys in the northern hemisphere say we're a little early, please spare a thought for those valued members in the southern hemishphere, especially Australia and New Zealand, where Valentine's Day comes a little sooner. And this year, what a very special Valentine's present we' re bringing you ! Making it two appearances in a row for our Siren Extraodinaire, we bring you the stunning Mermaid Elise - Excitingly Enchanting as always, as she scuba dives seductively for all Aquawomen members, whilst wearing a very sexy mauve and cerise Basque !
Happy Valentines Day "y'all" ............. yep, you too! x ;-)
And always remember at - Each Day is Valentine's Day !


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