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Buddies in Wet T-Shirts ! Buddies in Wet T-Shirts !Video

Posted 4th February 2011.

Sadly, the time has finally come for the last appearance by our beautiful Mermaid FiFi for our valued Aquawomen members. But, what a way to go out ? Not one, not two, but THREE stunning Aquawomen, all wearing tight, skimpy, white T-shirts and sharing one scuba regulator together on the bottom of the Aquawomen pool ! Saying farewell to FiFi, we see two of her best friends, the gorgeous blonde twosome - Mermaid Nikki and Mermaid Elise and together they all have great fun bringing you Ten and Half minutes of Scubaliscious fun ! Er, don't forget to let Elise share at least once in a while girls !
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