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Around the World Under the 'Aquawomen Pool' ! Around the World Under the 'Aquawomen Pool' !Image Gallery

Posted 9th February 2011. 50 High Resolution Images.

She's blonde, she's English and was once referred to as 'The Most Beautiful Woman in the World'. Her name is Shirley Eaton and apart from being painted Gold all over as Jill Masterson in the famous James Bond movie, many aquaphiles will remember, with much more affection, her role as Dr Maggie Hanford in "Around the World Under the Sea" - and more especially the sexy underwater ballet sequence in front of the submarine's glass dome !
She's blonde, she's English, she's also stunningly beautiful and adored by many aquaphiles around the world today. Her name is Mermaid Elise and without more ado, please enjoy our little tribute to that same wonderful old movie scene ! A bumper, great big gallery of FIFTY fantastic, new and unique underwater pictures .......... and before you ask - Yes, we did shoot some video too ! ;-)

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