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Diving in the Dark ! Diving in the Dark !Image Gallery

Posted 2nd February 2011. 34 High Resolution Images.

Here's another for our 'Dark Water' fans. (how ya doin' Dean ?) I know some won't like it but then again some will and so - what's new ?;-) But, if you really think about it, how could anyone not like anything involving our irresistible Mermaid Fi, underwater ? Tonight, she dives into the darkness wearing a 70's Speedo one piece swimsuit, a classic Suba-Seal white rubber swim cap and an oval scuba mask plus a Dacor single hose regulator, from around the same era. So, why not dive on in and enjoy seeing those luscious red lips slowly sucking on that scuba mouthpiece, whilst dreaming perhaps, of being down there with her ?

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