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Jessica, Desperate for 'Spare Air' ! Jessica, Desperate for 'Spare Air' !Image Gallery

Posted 31st January 2011. 36 High Resolution Images.

As promised, here we are back again, this time with a really super collection of pictures for all of our Breath holding fans and featuring our own stunning 'Puffy Galore', namely Mermaid Jessica ! We're taking the opportunity also to introduce a new piece of equipment that was requested and that we thought looked as though, potentially, it could offer us and of course you, a lot of fun ? So, here we are, over 300 Bucks later ( hope you enjoy it Russell ! ) with our new 'Spare Air 300' system, accompanying our beautiful Aquawoman as she sits alone on the bottom of the pool, seeing just how long she can hold on - before she really has to use it !!! Something a little different ??

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