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Scuba in Panty (Twin) Hose ! Scuba in Panty (Twin) Hose !Image Gallery

Posted 19th January 2011. 34 High Resolution Images.

OK, so we know there are several of you out there who love to see beautiful Aquawomen, scuba diving whilst wearing panty-hose ? In fact, one of you only asked me privately for such just a few days ago ? ;-) And so, who better to bring it to you but, the Mermaid of so many of your Dreams - and not to be found underwater anywhere else ! Our Fi-Nominal Mermaid Fi ! This time out she is sporting her wonderful long 'signature' hair in a sexy little pony tail, as per other requests and also wearing a modern scuba mask along with a beautiful example of a wonderful old vintage Spiro Mistral twin hose regulator. Sound good ? It certainly is !!

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