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It's Our 4th Birthday !  So, Why Not Indulge Yourself ? It's Our 4th Birthday ! So, Why Not Indulge Yourself ?Image Gallery

Posted 18th January 2011. 1 High Resolution Images.

If you didn't come in through the 'front door' tonight, then you may not know that today is our 4th BIRTHDAY !! Yep, despite all of those skeptics on AF back in late '06, we're still here and still going strong with our unique blend of superb image quality and variations on so many Aquaphile fetishes. And so, it is only fitting that our sensational, stunning Mermaid Elise, who featured in the first ever Aquawoman Gallery to be posted here, four years ago today, should be the one that we are now offering you the chance to tell us how you would most like to see her photographed underwater for you, within the next few days ? We will select at least four of the most interesting and POPULAR requests that you may post now in the 'Comments' section for this topic and make them become a reality for you and all of our valued members. Please be tasteful and try to pick something that you feel sure many others might also like to see - and PLEASE don't post any requests in bad taste as they will have to be removed !
So now it's ....... over to you !
(please don't expect too many images here when you click thru - there is only one !)

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