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Attack Swimmers ! Attack Swimmers !Image Gallery

Posted 11th December 2010. 51 High Resolution Images.

Hey, it's beginning to feel a lot like the Season of Kindness and Giving :-) And so, tonight, we bring you a little sample of our 'Tidings of Joy', namely an Amazing FIFTY ONE picture, Image Gallery in a style that many of you love - and in a quality that's unique to ! It's called 'Attack Swimmers', it features our Tantalizing Underwater Temptresses - Fifi, Nikki and Elise, two in scuba and wearing those wonderful Cressi neoprene swimsuits and one without and in a gorgeous red one-piece ! Come on in and take a look.
Right from the beginning, we would like to make it quite clear that No Mermaids were actually harmed or injured in any way during the creation and subsequent shooting of this scenario ! ;-)
And, who knows, even the local Grinch might smile ?

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