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Panty Hose and Ponytail Scuba ! Panty Hose and Ponytail Scuba !Video

Posted 6th December 2010.

Now here's a little bit of fun and certainly a very sexy way to scuba dive ? We know that there are those who love to see Panty Hose being worn underwater and we have had requests for a Mermaid's hair to be worn in a Ponytail too ? And so, who better than to bring this combination to you than our adorable Mermaid Fi ? All we had to do was add a fabulous old La Spirotechnique Mistral twin hose regulator, a modern mask and fins and ..... there you have it - Scubaliscious in HD_720p and 480p !
(OK for you J&M ?;-)
256 MB - Real HD_720p
177 MB - Quicktime HD_480p

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