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That White Swimsuit  -  The B and B's Part ! That White Swimsuit - The B and B's Part !Image Gallery

Posted 4th December 2010. 40 High Resolution Images.

Ermmmm - Rubber Diving (tick), Snorkeling (tick), Swimcap (tick), Legacy (tick), Sexy Scuba (tick) ...... right then, lets try and keep the 'Beautiful Girl, Underwater, in only a Sexy Swimsuit' section happy ? It has come to our attention, over the years, that there are definitely those amongst you who prefer to see beautiful 'B's underwater. And then there are those who just love to see a beautiful 'B' ? So, tonight, our simply gorgeous Mermaid Jessica slips quietly under the water to try and please you all - or even y'all ! ;-) Please let us know how she did ? FORTY simply beautiful underwater pictures of a simply beautiful Aquawoman !

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