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In Her Nokia Rubber Drysuit ! In Her Nokia Rubber Drysuit !Image Gallery

Posted 1st December 2010. 36 High Resolution Images.

OK Hands up those of you who love to see our beautiful Aquawomen encased in rubber ...... and submerged underwater ? (No, I know it's not you Mike ;-) But there are those here who do love it and tonight we thought it about time we brought it to you once again. Our Fantastic Frogwoman Elise couldn't believe it when she was asked to wear a rubber dry suit that wasn't black ! But, she soon forgot all about the color as the water pressure squeezed all of the air out, forcing the suit to grip tighter and tighter all over her beautiful naked body, the deeper she went ! A ladies Nokia pink rubber dry suit, a rubber hood, a Cressi Pinnochio vintage mask and a vintage Siebe Gorman twin hose reg, make up her outfit ..... for hers and your pleasure !

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