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Aquawomen's Legacy ! Aquawomen's Legacy !Video

Posted 19th November 2010.

Wammy Two !!!!
Well , no doubt the shortest video clip we have ever posted, but yet still twice as long as the original scene from that classic Movie !
And now - Reasons, not excuses.......
It could be better, we know. But, it was the end of the day, we didn't really have the time to do it justice but, we thought we would have a little play and see what came out ? The actress - our smoldering, sultry Mermaid Fi, although somewhat tired, was as flawless as usual. The rest of us learned how we can make it much better (we know about the edge - sorry ;-) and will try to do so as we certainly visit it again, sometime soon. But, in saying all that, we still thought y'all might like to take a peek at our first little homage payment to the gorgeous Marianne Broome's classic performance in a movie that features so high in so many aquaphiles dreams - The Legacy !
Now available in two versions
88.5MB - Real HD_720p
56.6 MB - Mpg HD_480p

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