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Two's Company - Three's Simply Scubaliscious ! Two's Company - Three's Simply Scubaliscious !Image Gallery

Posted 19th November 2010. 34 High Resolution Images.

It seems fitting on Thanksgiving weekend that we would like to say a special 'Thank's to all of our loyal members for all of your support over the years, support that has, of course, enabled us to continue bringing you all of the many different things you like and often ask to see. And what better way to say 'Thanks' than with a wonderful double Wammy update ? Wammy One - THREE Amazing Aqualiscious Aquawomen underwater together, all wearing white T-shirts as they all wait 'patiently' to breathe off of just one Reg. Welcome Mermaids FiFi and Nikki once more, together with Mermaid Elise - who rarely seems to need any air at all !

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