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That White Swimsuit - Again !  - and again - and again ... That White Swimsuit - Again ! - and again - and again ...Image Gallery

Posted 13th November 2010. 32 High Resolution Images.

Well, it appears that the video to go with this set had an extraordinary effect on some of you and so, tonight, we take great pleasure in bringing you Pt.1 of a little trilogy we have put together, showing our beautiful, curved and oh so cuddly Mermaid Jessica once more wearing 'That White Swimsuit' ! You know ? The one that goes so see thru when it's wet ! Once more, due to Jessica's breathtaking performance, we have an abundance of pictures that it would be shame not to show you. So, after this set, look out for Pt 2 which will feature more B's and B's ?;-) And then finally, as requested, with her wearing that vintage white Jantzen Diving Girl bathing cap also.

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