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Action Swimmer -  in a Speedo S2000 ! Action Swimmer - in a Speedo S2000 !Image Gallery

Posted 23rd October 2010. 42 High Resolution Images.

This one is for all of those who love to see female competitive swimmers. But tonight, we're not bringing you a high tech legsuit from the 21st Century, instead we're slipping back about 15 years or so to bring you a true classic swimsuit, `I might even dare to say an iconic swimsuit, that Aquaphiles all the world over hold dear. Yes, it's an original black Speedo S2000. Well OK, the purists will pick me up on that because the very first ones didn't have S2000 printed on the bum ! But, photographically we think that looks good and these suits always were and still are such a favorite of mine and so, who better to wear it for you, in action, than one of the finest swimmers amongst our mermaid shoal, the delectable but scrumptious `Mermaid Jessica ! The latest racing goggles and a GB swimcap complete her outfit and boy does she look fantastic - and ready for action !

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