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'Just a Breath Away'  with Mermaid Nikki ! 'Just a Breath Away' with Mermaid Nikki !Image Gallery

Posted 21st October 2010. 45 High Resolution Images.

A special treat for fans of our newest Mermaid Nikki and also those of our breath holding galleries, and so ........... if you're a fan of both then Whoooopee !
Please sit back and enjoy Forty Five wonderful new and unique underwater pictures of this sensationally seductive, blue eyed blonde as she tries desperately to hold her breath and stay underwater for as long as she possibly can, before finally giving in and surfacing. But not before showing y'all ;-) puffy cheeks galore, plenty of bubbles and lots of ' grimacing and taking in water' along the way !
Now, take a deep breath and ....................... ?

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