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Blonde on Blonde -  Pt 1 ! Blonde on Blonde - Pt 1 !Image Gallery

Posted 5th October 2010. 30 High Resolution Images.

Every once in a while we capture a set that seems to stand out from all of the rest shot that day - and tonight, especially for our scuba / bikini fans, we bring you half of what we believe to be one of those 'special' sets. Time to bring back our newest blonde bombshell Mermaid Nikki anyone ? And who else to accompany her underwater, helping her to forget her 'Rainy Day Women' worries and build her confidence on scuba, in a decidedly amatory way, than our 'Pure Aquawoman' - Mermaid Elise? So many lovely pictures that, 'just like a woman', I couldn't decide which to choose and so, even after very strict 'pruning' and selection we still had 60 wonderful new and unique underwater images that we felt you might like to see ? So, please take a deep breath and relax on the bottom of the pool with our two voluptuary blonde Mermaids as we bring you Part One of this super collection.
( perhaps we might convert you yet, Tt ?) :-)

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