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More Rubber Bubbles! More Rubber Bubbles!Image Gallery

Posted 1st October 2010. 22 High Resolution Images.

Hi All,
Well here's the remaining 22 images from our Rubber Bubbles Gallery that we put up yesterday. Sorry to do it in two parts but, once again, in total, it's a lovely large Gallery in excess of 50 new and unique underwater pictures and these take quite some time to post produce and load. As we were running out of time yesterday, I took the decision to upload directly we had 30 pics available, intending to post the remainder as soon as I could. I'm so pleased you are enjoying it Rr (and you Danny). They are pretty cool bubbles 'J' aren't they ? Oh well, we can't win them all Professor, but life would be so boring if Y'ALL knew what I was looking to do all the time, wouldn't it ? :-)

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