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Rubber Bubbles ! Rubber Bubbles !Image Gallery

Posted 30th September 2010. 30 High Resolution Images.

What can I write ?
What can I say ?
How can I tell you, how much we love you ? ........
End of the month huh ? And what a way to go ............. !
There's no ulterior motive Professor, it's simply a case of trying to balance out Mermaid appearances as equally as we can, with regard to what material we have currently available and already'in the can'.
Tonight, the roster comes back to our stunning and totally unparalleled Mermaid Fi once more - and so we tried to think what mighty go down particularly well with as many members as possible, although we would not really understand why anything of this unique Underwater Goddess could fail to be appreciated ? Obviously she needed to be underwater ?; (tick). I daren't show her in a bathing cap ( yet ) ?; (tick). Perhaps they might like to see her wearing skin tight latex rubber ?; (Tick). And maybe ......... Breath holding, with intent ?; (TICK) OK then..........Enjoy !!!!

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