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Scuba - Sea Hunt Style ! Scuba - Sea Hunt Style !Image Gallery

Posted 24th September 2010. 34 High Resolution Images.

Another treat for all of our Mermaid Jessica admirers as we follow straight on with another Gallery from her, this one more to the delight of our Scuba and wet suit fans, especially those who love the diving fashions from that wonderful 'Sea Hunt' era, fifty or so years ago. First of all we had to squeeze all of those Aqualiscious curves into an original, smooth, black, neoprene female Beavertail wetsuit and hood. Add a sexy little, vintage, blue Voit oval mask and some black fins - and then finally just a weight belt, before this beautiful slinky, black, shiny FrogAquawoman jumped straight into the water to get a feel for the suit ! Next, she surfaced, put on a single dive bottle fitted with a vintage Siebe Gorman Merlin Mk Vl twin hose regulator so that hers and your 'dive back thru time' experience could be complete.

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