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Scubalicious Fun  ! Scubalicious Fun !Video

Posted 16th September 2010.

OK, so maybe this isn't the most conventional underwater video clip you are ever likely to see, but when you bear in mind this raunchy, bootylicious scubababe was on the verge of saying " I just can't do it", only 30 minutes or so earlier from when this footage was taken....then I'm sure you will agree with us that she did extremely well on her first ever introduction to scuba. In fact, the whole shoot ended up in such a riot that I think even the guys at KH2o might be heard to say that ..... 'She had fun fun fun 'til we had to take her scuba away-ay-ay' :-)
The Aquawoman ? - Our sexy, sensual newest Mermaid Nikki, of course, giving a whole new meaning to the word Aqualung !
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