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Delectable Dunkin' ! Delectable Dunkin' !Image Gallery

Posted 15th September 2010. 50 High Resolution Images.

Now we're gonna visit a little theme that we all have a lot of fun with every now and then and one that always seems quite popular in the voting ratings also ?
The scene we were looking to create was set in the 50's at a Girls High School swim meet, where two 12th Grade girls fall out over who won a race. The loser then mercilessly dunks the victor. But Mermaid Nikki, who was chosen to be the victor for her Aquawomen initiation, had other ideas and, without warning, pounced on Mermaid Elise, dunking and holding her underwater repeatedly. But, as we all know, Elise is never to be underestimated, especially in the water - and the moment Nikki relaxed a little.......the tables were turned !
One piece vintage swimsuits, strapped rubber bathing caps and breathless bubbles galore presented in 50 - yes FIFTY amazing new and unique underwater pictures in a quality that just shouts !

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