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ScubaBabe versus Frogwoman ! ScubaBabe versus Frogwoman !Image Gallery

Posted 1st September 2010. 50 High Resolution Images.

Now, it may not be your 'thing' but, if it is, I would ask you.....where else, except in your fantasies, would you find a beautiful topless scuba diver fighting a heavy rubber suited Frogwoman - underwater ? Yep, of course ! We know you love underwater cat-fights and so....waddayathink of this one, featuring two stunning Aquawomen - Mermaids Elise and Nikki ? What's more, would you 'Adam and Eve it', we are offering you FIFTY wonderful, new and unique underwater images in this Gallery alone ! We always like to try and make the pictures tell a story but, in this case, the purists may notice some breaks in continuity however, I would ask you please to consider that Nikki had never even worn a scuba mask before, up until around an hour before this set was shot, so please be kind ? We think she did amazing and, as for Elise.....well, she's always Amazing !
(Pour a cup of calming Early Grey for the Professor please Ttime ! :-))

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