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Disciplined Diving Instructress ! Disciplined Diving Instructress !Image Gallery

Posted 29th August 2010. 40 High Resolution Images.

A Swim Queen, a Scuba Queen, a Dominatrix Queen, a Mermaid Qu - er, nope, not that one ! ;-) Such a busy girl, it has taken almost two years for us to be able to match suitable diary dates once more, but now thankfully we have and of course we, and I'm sure many of you, are delighted to say 'Welcome Back Mermaid Jessica' ! ............ Everyone knows it is best to be well disciplined when learning to scuba dive, but I bet no other dive instructress dares to offer Mermaid Jessica's style in underwater 'training' methods ? Thigh boots, PVC leotard, long rubber gloves, vintage goggles and not forgetting her whip ! In our opinion it's Kinda scuba ? Kinda glamor ? And kinda SEXY ! But we're kinda wondering what y'all think too ?

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