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Gorgeous in Green ! Gorgeous in Green !Image Gallery

Posted 25th August 2010. 38 High Resolution Images.

Now, as hard as it is for you scuba, heavy diving and vintage fans to understand, there are those here who simply love to see a beautiful young girl, submerged under the water, wearing just a modern one piece swimsuit. No cap, no nose clip and no goggles ! And, if you are one of these valued members then, guess what ? Today's update is most especially for you ! The beautiful girl is, of course, none other than our own 'tantalizing', 'titillating' and 'oh so tempting' Mermaid Fi, wearing a vibrant green TYR one piece bathing suit, in a stunning selection of new pictures featuring her both deep under the water and floating just below the surface. As Fi is one of our most 'buoyant' Mermaids she asked for a pair of ankle weights to help keep her firmly on the bottom for you, with the minimum of effort.
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