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Posted 22nd August 2010. 36 High Resolution Images.

It's always a fun time when we ask y'all to warmly welcome a new Mermaid into the shoal and today's no exception ! (You can stop trying to guess now Professor !) So, please say Hi to our 'Red Hot' Mermaid Nikki ! Yes, we've put her through the extreme breath hold test and Elise has dunked her mercilessly ! - All the usual Aquawomen initiation procedures .... and she came through with flying colors ! In fact her facial expressions are so good that we thought it unfair to Nikki to introduce her to you that way first of all, choosing something more attractive and sexy initially, that should appeal to many of our scuba lovers ?? But may also wet the appetite of others knowing now a little about what is to come ........ plus a couple of additional real bonuses ??? Although a great swimmer, this beautiful girl had never scuba dived before, was extremely nervous at first.....and then..... well, take a look and see for yourselves ! But only if you're a Member, of course !

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