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Avon Rubber Frogwoman and Aquabelle !  Part 1 Avon Rubber Frogwoman and Aquabelle ! Part 1Image Gallery

Posted 19th August 2010. 36 High Resolution Images.

We weren't able to do several of the things you asked for when Mermaid Fi was with us recently but I'm sure many of you won't mind if any of our other Amazing Aquawomen play some of them out for you ? So, when it came to finding one of them daring enough to wear a full vintage Avon rubber Frogwoman suit and an Avon C-Type hood along with our vintage Aquabelle diving helmet, it won't take a lot of guessing to work out who was immediately up for it ?? The first selecting process gave us 138 images, the second gave us 98 and the third still gave us 68 so, we're hoping that you won't mind us breaking this set into Two Parts for you, to save several great images from never being seen ? So now sit back and enjoy our simply fantastic Frogwoman Elise as she plays 'Part 1' in her inevitable style, before things start to go a little wrong for her in Part Two ? !!

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