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Mermaid Fi in Drager FFM Mermaid Fi in Drager FFMVideo

Posted 14th August 2010.

A video you ask ? Well, of course we reply. And we thought we would have another try at giving it to you in a higher quality larger format once again. Only this time, one that is convenient and easily accessible to you all ? So, hopefully, please sit back and enjoy the 'alluring' Mermaid Fi ( thank you Don ;-) looking simply amazing underwater whilst diving in her vintage Drager Full Face Mask and red bikini. We have encoded this for you in a Quicktime HD format at a quality level that we are quite pleased, although it does make it quite a large file size. Please let us know what y'all think and if this seems to work for you ?
ps the 'squeak' as Mermaid Fi breathes is real I'm afraid and there was nothing at the time we could do to lessen it. Rather than take it out, we thought the purists amongst you would like it left, as shot ?
315 MB - Quicktime HD_720p

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