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How would you like to see me - Underwater ?? How would you like to see me - Underwater ??Image Gallery

Posted 23rd July 2010.

This is not a regular update guys so please don't be concerned about the lack of pictures.
Very soon we have our sensational Mermaid Fi with us once again and, although we have quite a full itinerary planned for her to shoot, we thought that some of our valued members might like to suggest one or perhaps two themes that you might like to see her perform for you - underwater ? Y'all know what equipment we have but please remember that, on this occasion, she will be on her own. So, simply use the 'Members Comments' facility to let us know your preferred attire and scenario or, if you don't want to suggest anything yourself, then please show support for any other member's suggestion. What appears to be the most popular, we will endeavor to try and shoot for you !

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