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Rubber 'Gasmask' Diving ! Rubber 'Gasmask' Diving !Image Gallery

Posted 27th June 2010. 36 High Resolution Images.

Well, here's something a little different - although something tells me this might be right up your street Gary ? :-) And a few others too, I'm sure ? It features a rare old piece of equipment we bought, within a small collection, from one of our European members a while back and no prizes for guessing who was quite happy to be the first of our stunning young Aquawomen to try it out ? - Yep, our fantastic, 'drop dead gorgeous' Frogwoman Mermaid Elise, slipping back into her 'Colonel Anastasia Podvodnik' persona once more ! The equipment is a vintage Russian Navy, black rubber diving hood, that closely resembles a Russian gas mask, connected on this occasion to an old British Siebe Gorman Merlin twin hose DV. Just for good measure Elise also put on a pair of long black latex gloves and.....well, that's about it really ! Sexy - or what ? You decide............ ?

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