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Elise in Underwater Bondage ! Elise in Underwater Bondage !Image Gallery

Posted 23rd June 2010. 36 High Resolution Images.

We thought perhaps a little more underwater Bondage for you today ? So, we took one simply stunning Aquawoman, namely Mermaid Elise, bound her hands together in a harness that also fits tightly around her neck then, we added a new dimension, which was particularly unkind to such a wiling underwater maiden ? Just before pushing her into the depths of the Aquawomen pool, we fitted a gag that forced poor Elise's mouth open all of the time she was under the water ! The results we feel were fantastic but of course the best judge will be you ? Watch as this amazing young aquatic Goddess tries to deal with her latest 'underwater peril' scenario - long, flowing blonde hair, plenty of bubbles and that typical 'pure Aquawoman' determined attitude that so many of you all enjoy, so often.

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