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Posted 16th June 2010. 10 High Resolution Images.

Hello Everyone, at last - I'm back !
A little fragile and quite some way off from being fully myself, but feeling a lot better and keen to get back to y'all, even though I'm gonna have to take things easy for quite a while. First of all I want to offer my sincere thanks to Mike, who is normally just our Webmaster but who has done his absolute best to keep things running for us throughout such a difficult time. And then of course to all of our wonderful members who have stuck with us and quietly waited patiently, believing in us and trusting that I would never let you down. You are so appreciated - thank you. Special thanks to Mitch, KV, Swimfan, Chris, Howland and many more of you for your kind messages of support, many of which I have only been able to read just recently. And who could ever forget our sensational mermaids who, of course, have never disappeared at all and are dying to dive back into the pool to perform for y'all once more ! First up is our 'Pure Aquawoman' - Mermaid Elise, who we shot underwater with just recently and who performed amazingly in a range of different gear and scenarios that we feel sure you're gonna love ! There will be some consecutive galleries of Elise for a short while, as we shoot and build up stock once more of your favorite mermaids, plus one or two new ones. So, Elise fans....get ready for some fun ! Finally, speaking of having fun, I thought some of you might like to see a few pics of me on vacation a while back doing some simple, non synchro, girlie handstands in our pool. It certainly made me smile and feel good, seeing them once more !

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