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Lady in Cement ! Lady in Cement !Image Gallery

Posted 30th April 2010. 32 High Resolution Images.

Here's a little fun whilst continuing with our Aquaphile's favourite 'Classic Movie Scene' series. This one depicts the opening scene of the 1968 movie, starring Frank Sinatra and Raquel Welch, entitled 'Lady in Cement' and features our own completely sensational Mermaid Elise as the unfortunate gangland victim anchored to the bottom off the Florida Keys and being discovered by a black neoprene clad vintage scuba diver. OK, so we're a little in-accurate in that we had to sink our amazing Aquawoman using heavy chains rather than cement but, we make up for it with our scuba diver being far better looking underwater than Frank Sinatra, don't you think ? ( please get well soon )
Pictures 31 & 32 show that no Mermaids are ever actually injured or harmed during the making of any underwater presentations for, of course :-)

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