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Frogwoman Attack ! Frogwoman Attack !Image Gallery

Posted 25th April 2010. 32 High Resolution Images.

No-one here could come close to the skills of a certain Lead Mermaid when it comes to penning Gallery descriptions, so we won't even try. However, we do hope you enjoy this little scenario featuring two of our Aqualiscious Mermaids, Fi and Elise, fighting over a diamond necklace, at night and underwater! We tried to cover as wide a range of equipment as possible to appeal to the many wide and varied tastes amongst you. Fi wears a very sexy red, vintage one piece, along with a vintage Dacor single hose reg. and a fairly modern mask, whilst her underwater attacker Elise is warm and dry inside her Avon vintage black rubber drysuit and hood as she breathes through a Merlin twin hose regulator.

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