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More Bubbleriffic Fun ! More Bubbleriffic Fun !Image Gallery

Posted 10th April 2010. 30 High Resolution Images.

With thanks to 'rm 72574' for the Title of the corresponding video clip, we thought the stills set worthy to join in the fun too ! In fact, we feel this set is a little 'potpourri' of all sorts of things, each of which might appeal to the different tastes of many different members ? I'm sure we'll find out soon, either way ! Let's see.....we have a vintage full face mask, a modern single hose reg, a vintage scuba mask, a modern bikini thong, a vintage polkadot one-piece bathing suit, long loose flowing hair, a vintage US Howland chin strap rubber bathing cap....... Oh and not forgetting, of course, two simply stunning, athletic, young Aquawomen, namely Mermaids Elle and Sammie, just so happy in each others company whilst submerged under the water together for your pleasure !

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