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Posted 3rd April 2010. 32 High Resolution Images.

Happy Easter Everyone - may we sincerely wish a peaceful and happy time to y'all. We are so sorry that we do not have a special Easter Gallery for you this year, due to the unforeseen cancelation of the shoot that we were looking to do one for you on. However, we do have something a little different for you tonight and something that we know many of you will like. Proving once more what an incredible Aquawoman she is, we bring you our exquisite and red hot Mermaid Elise, wearing a pair of vintage rubber goggles, a smooth black neoprene S2000 one piece and a vintage British Navy rebreather. Obviously not one for the 'bubble' fans but, once again, something you're unlikely to find anywhere else and ....... the way Elise wears it - very sexy, nevertheless ?

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