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Elise -  Diving in Latex ! Elise - Diving in Latex !Video

Posted 26th March 2010.

The one thing all of our Mermaids agree on is how fantastic it feels to swim and scuba dive whilst wearing one of our skin tight, black latex, Aquawomen dive suits. And from some of your comments it seems that y'all quite like looking at them whilst they're doing so too ? So tonight, freshly released from being cuffed to the pool wall, our Electrifying Mermaid Elise returns underwater for you, wearing her skin tight rubber Aquasuit, along with black rubber gloves, a modern scuba mask and a vintage Healthways twin-hose regulator. And there's no hood or bathing cap either ! (but I still think you might like it Gary :-) And if you're wondering, of course she just can't help flooding her mask just for you !
125 MB - Real HD

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