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A Frogwoman and a Snorkeler ! A Frogwoman and a Snorkeler !Image Gallery

Posted 20th March 2010. 44 High Resolution Images.

We know that many of you love seeing our Frogwomen underwater dressed in heavy rubber diving gear ? We know there are many of you who do not ? We also know that there are many of you who love to see a beautiful young girl, snorkeling topless ? And, of course there are those who do not ? So tonight, we're hoping to appeal to both camps by bringing you one of each ! Please enjoy seeing our Fantastic Frogwoman Sammie, dressed once more in her vintage red rubber Avon diving suit, twin hose reg and Pinnochio dive mask as she is joined on the bottom by our Sensational Snorkeler Elle wearing 'not a lot. Forty Four new and unique images of underwater erotica in a style and quality found only one place on the web - !

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