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Vintage ScubaGirl with a Spiro ABLJ ! Vintage ScubaGirl with a Spiro ABLJ !Image Gallery

Posted 17th March 2010. 50 High Resolution Images.

Over on Aquafans there are many who seem to like seeing female divers wearing what they call 'horse-collar' lifejackets, or what we call Adjustable Buoyancy Life Jackets, otherwise known as ABLJ s. Who better to model yet another piece of our extensive vintage scuba diving wardrobe for you, other than our 'Pure Aquawoman' herself, namely the breathtaking Mermaid Elise ! For your added pleasure, she also wears a vintage, smooth, black neoprene Beavertail wetsuit jacket and hood and an oval dive mask which, along with her mouthpiece, she floods, removes and replaces just as freely as you would expect any real Mermaid to be able to do ! Fifty, yes FIFTY new, unique, underwater Aquawomen images especially for you, but only if you're one of our valued members, of course !

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