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In Sync with your Synchro Dreamgirl ! In Sync with your Synchro Dreamgirl !Image Gallery

Posted 13th March 2010. 36 High Resolution Images.

Tonight we're re-visiting a theme we've been to before, but one that always seems popular with many of our members ? And why wouldn't it, I mean, if you love to see girls underwater, then you must admire and appreciate beautiful synchronized swimmers, huh ? OK, OK it's a sport close to my heart, but why not come under with our own 'Miss SyncroErotica' herself, namely our exquisite Mermaid Fi, as she trains once again, alone in the pool ? Tonight, she wears a high cut black Speedo Aquablade hydrasuit, Aquasphere goggles and of course the customary sexy little noseclip along with her white latex swim cap.
Take a deep breath !

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