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Snorkeling in Panty-Hose ! Snorkeling in Panty-Hose !Image Gallery

Posted 9th March 2010. 44 High Resolution Images.

It's been a while since we last visited Snorkeling and knowing that this is a theme many of you enjoy, we thought we had better try and remedy this situation for you straight away. And Boy, we certainly feel this is a Gallery you may agree has been well worth waiting for ? Knowing many of you love to see girls wearing panty-hose underwater too, we included this as a little bonus feature that we hope y'all enjoy also ? The Aquawoman ? - None other than our divine Mermaid Elise - once more looking so naturally 'at home' in the water as she swims and dives freely for our cameras and your pleasure. FORTY FOUR stunning, colorful, underwater images of this extremely beautiful girl, presented in a range and quality unique to (Find this at your local pool, Peckers !:-)
ps - don't be too hard on your monitor Professor, the ends really are a bluey purple. (cool huh ?)

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