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'BOND' - age   Underwater ! 'BOND' - age Underwater !Image Gallery

Posted 5th March 2010. 40 High Resolution Images.

I'm bound to say, it's taken us a little while to explore this area for those who have often requested it. But then again, it's not an easy thing for any ordinary girl to be able to do and, if we don't ever feel that we can't do something properly then we won't do it at all, until the time when we think we can. But then, of course, Mermaid Fi is no ordinary girl. So, when our bondage experienced Mermaid sadly had to pull out of a shoot at the last minute recently, up stepped our 'drop dead gorgeous, ice cool 'Fire Woman' fully prepared to take on a completely new underwater challenge. The results, I think, are quite spectacular but then, I'm 'bound' to say that - aren't I ?
(Anyone want anymore ?)

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