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Night Diver ! Night Diver !Image Gallery

Posted 3rd March 2010. 30 High Resolution Images.

It can be cold and lonely for a SPECTRE frogwoman, deep underwater and on guard-duty during the middle of the night ! Clothed from head to toe in a traditional thick, black, smooth, neoprene rubber Beavertail wetsuit and listening to herself breathing through her trusted Healthways twin hose regulator, she finds ways to amuse herself, like removing her reg, for breath holding and bubble blowing games. But, don't be fooled - armed with her high powered, compressed air speargun she could be extremely dangerous to your health ! The request was, "lots of close ups please of a beautiful female Spectre diver in dark water." Not too much variation on offer but, Frogwomen don't really come any more beautiful than Mermaid Fi so .... how did we do ?

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