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The Aquabelles ! The Aquabelles !Image Gallery

Posted 27th February 2010. 50 High Resolution Images.

A special thanks tonight must go to 'Professor B' without whose timely reminder may have meant that this wonderful gallery of underwater images could have been lost forever deep in the Aquawomen archives. Thank you Professor and thank you also to our delicious Mermaids Fi and Elle for a really fun set, which we had difficulty in cutting down to even FIFTY images that we thought y'all might enjoy ? This is just a fun Gallery of underwater pictures, no hidden messages, nothing sinister, just Elle enjoying some time trying out our vintage Aquabell diving helmet when she is joined by Mermaid Fi, who teases her, feeds her grapes and finally coaxes her to take off her helmet, whilst underwater, and buddy breathe together on the bottom.
C'mon who would like to have been down there with them ??

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