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UnderCover Swimmer UnderCover SwimmerImage Gallery

Coming Soon!!

Knowing how much many of you enjoy our female underwater Special Agents, I couldn't resist a little 'play' on the title for this one ! It's something we haven't visited before but we're thinking might prove popular with the 'breathholders' amongst you ? When our stunning young Mermaid Fi told us that one of her greatest aquatic fears was being trapped under a pool cover, we never dreamed that she was going to suggest facing that challenge by attempting to swim almost a length of the Aquawomen pool UNDER the cover ! Normally, this distance underwater swim would be no problem for her but that's without the surface being closed ! After running out of air and desperately trying to scull with her legs whilst punching at the underside of the cover, she eventually manages to create a little air hole, to take a few precious breaths, before finally making it to the end !
FIFTY ONE...yes...FIFTY ONE unique Aquawomen images to hopefully make your day ?

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