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Narcosis ! Narcosis !Image Gallery

Posted 9th February 2010. 46 High Resolution Images.

Looking at the voting stats, it seems that many of you enjoyed the video. So tonight, we're pleased to bring you a BUMPER size Aquawomen Gallery of stills images on the theme portrayed in our video earlier from "The Creature Walks Among Us' where the lead female character, Marcia Barton, develops Nitrogen Narcosis whilst diving in the lagoon. In keeping with the era of the Movie we decided to bring these fantastic images to you in black and white. The Aquawoman, of course, is none other than our sensational Mermaid Elise. If you like seeing beautiful vintage scuba diving females, slowly removing all essential gear whist underwater - then this is for you ! Just for fun, we have given you two modern color images right at the end. In the movie, Marcia's mouthpiece falls from her lips and rests just below her chin - in reality, our final picture shows what would really happen, as any twin hose diver will know !

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