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'The Deep End'  ! - Pt 2. 'The Deep End' ! - Pt 2.Image Gallery

Posted 19th January 2010. 38 High Resolution Images.

Well, here we are, as promised, Part Two of our 'play' on a scene from an old TV Movie that is well known to the Aquaphile community - 'The Deep End'! OK, so the Dive Gear is a little more modern and we added a bikini instead of a one piece but, wait 'til you see the portrayal once again by these two highly talented and Aqualiscious Aquawomen - Mermaid Elise and Mermaid Fi. For any who may be concerned that this is a new direction for Aquawomen ? - No, not really, it's just a modern take on a scene from an old movie, but it shows some perhaps what we can do, when we want to :-) The last picture shows you exactly how we see it and more importantly how we would never let any harm at all come to any of our amazing Mermaids !

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