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'The Deep End' !  -  Pt 1. 'The Deep End' ! - Pt 1.Image Gallery

Posted 15th January 2010. 38 High Resolution Images.

It's not often that we actually set out to shoot a Two Part Gallery, it's just that sometimes, thanks to the incredible underwater skills of our amazing Aquawomen, we end up with too many good pictures that would be a shame to waste and not let you see ? Which is exactly what has happened tonight as we bring you another in our series of great 'Aquaphile' vintage movie scenes. This time we go back to 1964 and feature the opening sequence from an old 'Kraft Suspense Theater' TV Movie entitled "The Deep End' with our electrifying Mermaid Elise playing the role of Angie Powell - the swimmer, so perfectly portrayed originally by Ellen Burstyn. And the adorable Mermaid Fi in a role she so enjoys as the sinister scuba diver, played originally by Tina Louise. Does she escape ? Those of you who know the movie know the answer, for the others - don't worry, Part 2 to follow very soon !

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