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Narcosis ! Narcosis !Video

Posted 9th January 2010.

Knowing that many of you enjoy remembering favorite underwater scenes from special old Movies, we thought we would have a little 'play' with one that we're sure lots of you will remember from Universal's 'Creature from the Black Lagoon' trilogy. This particular scene comes from the final movie of the three "The Creature Walks Among Us", released in 1956 and featuring sadly the late Leigh Snowden playing a somewhat tenacious main character - Marcia Barton. Marcia is desribed as rebellious and free spirited, she is also blonde, a great swimmer and a scuba diver so....who could we possibly look to, to play her part for you, other than our sensational Mermaid Elise ? The scene is where Marcia succumbs to Nitrogen Narcosis whilst diving in the Lagoon, so here, in living color, is an Aquawomen version, much longer and just for you !
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